Policy Briefs & Opinions

RVAGOV’s mission is to provide a platform to educate and empower full participants in Richmond City government. To that end, the Policy Briefs and Opinions section of the site allows citizens to familiarize themselves with a topic relevant to the city and city government, and our place in the Commonwealth through a more in-depth exploration. Topics will vary, but will always center on relevant conversations in the city and aim to substantiate opinions and enhance dialogue.

Richmond's Stance on a National Issue: The School-to-Prison Pipeline

Each of these stories implicates the school-to-prison pipeline, or, as defined by the ACLU, “a disturbing national trend wherein children are funneled out of public schools and into the juvenile and criminal justicesystems.” According to a report issued in April of last year by the Center for Public Integrity,[2] Virginia tops the nation in the rate of referrals of students to law enforcement, at three times the national average. As the report noted, students with disabilities and children of color are far more likely to be referred. In Virginia, 33.4 students with disabilities were referred for every 1,000, and 25.3 black students were referred for every 1,000—both more than the second state with the highest number of referrals, Delaware...

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT): GRTC Pulse along the Broad Street Corridor

The GRTC Pulse, a bus rapid transit line running from Rocketts Landing to Williow Lawn, is scheduled to begin operations in the fall 2017. Its opening will conclude a decade-long process that demonstrates the overlap between local, state and federal governments, the impact of community input, and the importance of accessible and reliable public transportation.


RVAGOV’s Bus Rapid Transit Policy Brief presents an overview of the origins and characteristics of the project, precedents from the U.S. and the world, potential benefits and concerns associated with the project, and its expected developments from now until its conclusion.

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