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City Council Meeting, July 14, Citizen Comments

During Citizen Comment Period, where members of the public may speak about any matter not on the agenda, Richmonders raised the following concerns: Bus Transfer Station Two ladies spoke about the GRTC’s Temporary Transfer plaza. They raised concerns with the lack of seating and good shelter for GRTC riders. They pointed out that people, particularly the elderly were sitting on concrete, largely without shade. In the summer months it gets very hot, and then what happens in the event of inclement weather? As one woman pointed out, they were moved off Broad Street where there was adequate shelter. However, other stops have good seating; riders from the Counties do not even stop at the transfer

City Council Meeting, July 14th, Recap

The following ordinances and resolutions were passed, upon discussion and debate at the July 14 City Council Meeting: Ordinance 2014-145-139 and Ordinance 2014-146-140: These two items provide law enforcement presence in public housing communities, through the appropriations of funds in the budget, and through the execution of a service agreement with the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority At least two citizens stood up to speak on this subject, in support of reducing the crime that happens in these concentrations of poverty; one gentleman spoke of the need for prevention, the desire for better lives, and hope rather than incarceration Ordinance 2014-144-142: Gives a 2 percent pay

City Council Agenda, July 14th, Preview

The upcoming City Council Meeting on July 14 will mark the first formal meeting in a non-special session since last month. The Consent Agenda and Regular Agenda are both filled with items that have been moved around and postponed until today, with an additional nine ordinances that were first read at a special meeting on July 7. Many of these new ordinances pertain to the budget and appropriations. The remainder of the agenda includes its usual mix of zoning ordinances and the works. Read on to learn about the various ordinances: Sale RPS land- Ord. 2013-175: The City seeks to sell a piece of land currently owned by the School Board and used for storage and a Driver’s Ed program to McKinnon

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