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City Council Meeting Recap- September 8, 2014

Before City Council's first meeting since July could even begin, the agenda underwent some major revisions. Of the 47 items originally on the agenda, only 24 were actually adopted. Remember, you can link to the full text of each ordinance by clicking on the bolded heading. The controversial Pear Street Condominium project near Libby Hill was withdrawn. Council Woman Cynthia Newbille, who represents the district where the project would have gone, expressed that she would not support it in a district meeting last week. Monday afternoon, the project planners withdrew it. Read more in the Times Dispatch: Developer to withdraw Pear Street condo project The following major items were continued unt

City Council Meeting Preview- September 8, 2014

The September 8th City Council meeting will be the first formal meeting since July. What a long time! Unsurprisingly, there are a few major items up for debate and discussion. Condominium Development near Libby Hill (Ord. 2014-71, 2014-78) – These two ordinances on the Regular Agenda concern the construction of a 13-story condominium complex at the end of East Cary Street. Opponents of the project say it will obstruct views of the historic “view that named the city” while proponents say it will only block the unsightly views of the sewage treatment plants across the river. The first ordinance would close a portion of East Cary Street near the project site, while the other would grant the spe

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