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RPS Plan to Ease School Crowding

Richmond officials want to to replace two middle schools with a single new building that would host 1,500 students. Superintendent Bedden said this should begin to meet Mayor Jones' demand to right-size the school system. Read more here

Renovations to State Capitol and Old City Hall

The State is moving forwards with plans to renovate the Old City Hall and redesign the interior of the State Capitol. The interior of both buildings are falling apart and are considered unsafe. Both parties agree that these building desperately need to be fixed but the costs are supposed to run over $300,000,000. This is raising concerns, especially since Governor McAuilff did not move forward with the renovations due to the Republicans refusal to expand Medicaid. Read more here.

Alternative to the Stadium Proposed

An alternative to the mostly dead Shockoe Staduim plan by a coalition of city activists has finished-up. This plan will include a park for reflection about the history of the Slave Trade and the role that Richmond played in it. They are planning to bring the plan to the city council in the upcoming weeks. Read more here.

City Council Meeting Recap - 3/25/2015

The second City Council meeting of the month was characterized over the debate of Boulevard Development and the moving of a sewage pipe. Notable Resolution and Ordinances Voted on: Ord. No. 2015-32 – This ordinance dealt with moving a combined sewer overflow pipe (at the developers expense) to allow for development in its current location. This Ordinance passed 8-1 but had a large amount of community opposition due preservation and views. Church Hill community members feared that moving the pipe would destroy their views and that once it was moved, nothing could be built in its new location. Res. No. 2015-R9 – unanimously voted to pass this resolution that requests the Chief Administrative

City Council Preview -2/23/2015

For the second meeting of April the City Council will be discussing a range of issues from transparency, to tax emexmptions and the new wastewater treatment site. The Consent Agenda Ord. No. 2015-39 - to accept $5,000 from the state to go to providing a grant to the Cadence Theatre Company. Ord. No. 2015-44 - to accept about $198,000 from the state to go the Sheriff's budget. The Regular Agenda Ord. No. 2015-32 - to relocate the city's wastewater treatment center Ord. No. 2015-40 - concerning exemptions from admission taxes, for the purpose of exempting from admission taxes certain house and garden tours that benefit nonprofit organizations Res. No. 2014-R184 - to request that a development

Rapid Transit Gets it Name

Rapid Transit will now be called GRTC Pulse. The new name was adopted by the board of directors who voted unanimously for it among a group of 5 names. Rapid Transit will cost the approximately $54,000,000 in a combinination of state, federal and city funds. Read more here.

Stone Brewery Costs More than Expected

The Stone Brewery is going to cost the more than the orginal $23,000,000 proposed and signed off by the City Council by around $2.3 million. The money will be going to making founation impovements due to poor soil coniditions. The city will be picking up around $1.2 million of this and Stone Brewery will be covering the other $1.1 million. The biggest issue with this whole deal is not the money itself but the fact that it has only recently been announced. The whole Stone Brewery deal has been caught up in a storm of controversy due to the secretive nature of it. Details have been slow to be released and much of the deal is still not known to either the public or the city council. Read more

Mayor Jones Announces New Budget

This past week, Mayor Jones announced his new budget plan for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. The budget includes raises for police officers, fire fighters and city employees. It includes funding for body cameras for police, rapid transit down Broad Street, improving public saftey radios, and increased access to the riverfront around the Stone Brewary. There are also $210.5 million dollars set aside for infrusture improvements. These parts of the budget are widely liked by members of the city council. The most controversial part of the budget deals with funding for the public schools. Despite the School Board asking for an additional $25 million for their opperating budget, the Mayor has chosen

Richmond School Board Approves Budget

After superintedendant announced that he was staying in Richmond, the school re-voted on their annual budget. The budget was agreed upon a 6-1 vote. The new budget eliminates a million dollars from charter schools and plans to cut a teacher work day. Read more here.

RPS School Board Meeting- March 2, 2015

Here are some of the highlights from the 3/2/2014 RPS School Board meeting. Public Information During the Public Information session, board members heard from citizens on topics ranging from expressions of gratitude for the public apology made at Huguenot High School, statements of support for Dr. Bedden to stay in Richmond, and calls to ensure teachers are compensated if there is an extension in their work year. Academic Improvement 3.01: Dr. Thad Williamson, director of the Office of Community Wealth Building, presented on the Anti-Poverty initiative to increase access to quality early childhood care and provide scholarships and incentives for post-secondary education. Plans included a co

Special Session of City Council Recap - 3/2/2015

In this special session, Richmond City Council voted to approve the transfer of city-owned land to the Economic Development Authority so it can start constructing the Stone Brewery building. Unlike in past meetings, this was a unanimous vote that reflected either growing support or resignation from those on City Council who have opposed the deal in the past. Ord. No. 2014-254-2015-46 - Stone Brewery amendments This amendment to the Stone Brewery building agreement allows the Economic Development Authority to start receiving money from City Council sooner by loosening the process for appropriations. Ord. No. 2015-34-47 - Transfer land at 3101 Wharf Street to EDA This ordinance simply gives l

Special Session of the City Council Preview -3/2/2015

The Richmond City Council will be holding a special session tonight to deal with the Stone Brewery Deal. There will only be three things on tonight's agenda. Ord. No. 2014-254- to execute a Stone Brewery Cooperation Agreement between the City of Richmond and the Economic Development Authority ofthe City of Richmond for the purpose of facilitating the construction of Authorityfacilities that will house the operations of KoochenVagner’s Brewing Co., doingbusiness as Stone Brewing Co. Ord. No. 2015-34- To direct the sale of surplus real estate located at 3101 Wharf Street to the Economic Development Authority of the City of Richmond for the use of the Stone Brewery Ord. No. 2015-46- Richmond Re

City Council to Vote on Stone Brewery Deal

The city council will hold a special meeting tonight to decide the fate of the Stone Brewery Deal. The debate is whether to hand over an outdated riverfront port terminal estimated at about $1,000,000 to the Economic Development Authority. This deal has raised controversy due to to the secrecy of which it was made, the types of jobs that will be created and what many believe is the council giving away valuable land. Supporters believe that it will bring economic benefits to the neighbor and create jobs. Read more here.

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