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City Council Aims more Money to RPS Budget

The City Council seems to be attempting to add money to the RPS budget where Mayor Jones falls short. Different proposed amendments range from $4,000,000 to $24,000,000 dollar increase. This is an attempt by the councilmen and women to make-up for the nearly $23 million dollar difference between what the superintendant asked for and the mayor proposed. The Council also proposed an increase to firemen and police who have worked over a decade isntead of pay raises for new recruits.

The Growing Hispanic Population creates Challenges for RPS

The Hispanic population has been on the rise since 2005 in Richmond. This has been creating problems for RPS that is trying to deal with a new population. For the upcoming 2015-2016 school year, RPS will be taking steps to be more inclusive to the Hispanic population including creating a welcome center, hiring more Spanish-speaking teachers and having Spanish language courses for teachers. Read more about the growth of the Hispanic population and how the Richmond Area school districts are dealing with it here

RPS Needs $670 Million in Repairs

After nearly four decades of school neglect, the costs to repair of public schools in Richmond is up to $670,000,000. The costs are higher than expexted but not overly suprising. This comes on the heals from the mayor rejecting $23,000,000 in the current year budget. Read more here

Teach for America leaves RPS

Teach for America is leaving Richmond Public Schools after only one year. They were planning on introducing around 10% of all teachers but do not have the applicants to currently keep up with these demands. 13% less people applied this year than the year before. Read more here.

Richmond to spend $1.4 Million on bike race in Overtime

Richmond is expecting to have to pay its employees $1,400,000 in overtime to its employees to work the World Road Race Chapmionship in September. The majority of the OT money will be going towards law enforcement officers while the remaining funding will be going towards other preventative services (medical and fire). The city is already paying around $2,000,000 to have the race located here. However, despite the over 3 million dollar cost, it is expected to raise over $129,000,000 for the entire region. Read more here.

Petition to get RPS more funding grows

A petition, created by The Friends of RPS, demands that the City Council allocate the additional $24,000,000 that the school board has asked for. Mayor Jones responded to the request by RPS for additional funding by giving them the flat amount that they usually recieve. This has casued community-wide disappointement. The peition is a sign of the wide community support to grow RPS funding and support of the public schools in the district. Read more here

Richmond Celebrates the Civil War

5,000 people came to downtown Richmond to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the surrender of Richmond and the end of slavery on Saturday. The day was not one of defeat but instead a celebration of freedom. Governor McAuliffe used the day to advocate for continued persuit of freedom and equality. Read more here

Richmond Public Schools asks for more funding

Richmond Public Schools is short $24 million of their requested funding from the proposed budget made by Mayor Jones. School officials attempted to make their case on Monday to the City Council for the additonal money. Read more here

Richmond tries to make development deals more open

Richmond City Council is picking up legislation that is meant to prevent incidents where the city council does not know the deals they are agreeing to, such as the Stone Brewery. Many recent economic development deals have been passed with the contracts not made public nor has the Council seen the whole thing before they vote. Leglisation is being proposed to stop this. Read more here.

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