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After halt, leveling process at RPS continues

RPS School Board voted to continue the leveling process they halted last week. In doing so, they are reiterating the reasoning Superintendent Bedden presented last week. The School Board hopes the leveling process will both save the city $1.4 million and provide students with class schedules earlier. Read full Times-Dispatch article here.

City Council Meeting Recap - June 22, 2015

The second meeting in July proceeded swiftly, with only one citizen comment and three supporters of an item in the Consent agenda speaking. The Council will not meet again until July 27th, at which point it will address recently contentious topics. Highlights Adopted Legislation: Memorial Park - Ord. No. 2015-132 Three citizens spoke in support of naming the park located at 3244 Woodrow Avenue the “Walter Gaines Memorial Park.” Councilwoman Robertson vocalized her support for the ordinance, stating Gaines, “was just a fabulous person.” Minimum Wage - Ord. 2015-135 The amended paper increased the minimum wage for city employees to $11.66. Education Grants - Res. No. 2015-R43-48 The resolution

Middle School Could Be Named After Former Teacher

Thompson Middle School alumni propose naming the school after former teacher, James Calvin Vaughan Sr. Known for his engergetic attitude, Vaughan was an English and Drama instructor during the seventies and eighties before passing away due to a brain tumor at age 36. "Perhaps because of that tenacity, she said, he was a notoriously exacting instructor. Memories of Vaughan’s signature sentence-diagramming exams still elicit physical discomfort for Winkler, decades after seventh- and eighth-grade English. 'But it was because of those standards that we were able to succeed later on,' she said." Read full article here

School Board Meeting Recap - June 15, 2015

Richmond’s School Board crafted a motion to address citizen complaints over lack of communication and transparency regarding faculty leveling throughout the city. Superintendent Bedden assured the public that the process would not eliminate positions, and cautioned the Board of the potential unintended consequences of halting the budget process. The Board passed the motion by a 6-3 vote. Highlights Leveling process Last Friday, the RPS administration informed teachers about the annual leveling process, a part of the budget which allocates teachers based on student course demand. Arts and World Language teachers, as well as some core teachers, would have to transfer to another RPS school with

Students voice opposition to faculty layoffs

After being told faculty positions would be terminated for the upcoming school year, Open High School students organized a protest rally in front of City Hall. "Students are also expected to attend the Richmond School Board meeting scheduled for tonight at 6:00. Budget transfers are on the agenda for the meeting and include a more than $1.6 million reduction in instruction and accountability to cover a projected deficiency in professional services, tuition and transportation." For further information: WRIC Newsroom: "Teachers, students from Richmond’s Open High School protest budget cuts Monday"

Top Richmond official resigns

Norman Butts, Richmond's deputy chief administrative officer for finance and administration, has resigned. Selena Cuffee-Glenn, chief administrative officer, replaced Butts with former collegue, Lenora Reid. "Butts... was hired by the city in May 2014 to turn around a troubled finance system after the controversial departure of former official Sharon Judkins. He has repeatedly told the City Council the job has been much more difficult than he imagined, particularly the city's ongoing struggle to complete its audited financial report." Read full article here.

City Council Meeting Recap - June 8, 2015

Monday’s city council meeting largely focused on the possibility of a children’s hospital in the North Boulevard site near the Diamond and Scott's Addition. After listening to supporters of the children's hospital, but nevertheless reiterating the necessity for action, the Council delayed vote on the proposed resolution until the July 27th meeting. Highlight North Boulevard Development/ Children's Hospital - Res. No. 2014-R184: During citizen comments, many expressed opposition towards the resolution fearing it would undermine the development of a children’s hospital. This comes soon after the fate of the potential project became even murkier, when VCU and Bon Secours dropped their interest.

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