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City Council Recap - July 27, 2015

In its last meeting until September, the council unanimously passed a consent agenda, though one item stirred emotions on both sides. Most notably, the council once again delayed a decision on the fate of the North Boulevard site near the Diamond. Highlights Awards Children, Vision and Health Council President Mosby and Chief Administrative Officer Selena Cuffee-Glenn sponsored a proclamation making August Richmond Children’s Vision and Learning Month. The proclamation aims to raise awareness about the dependence of vision on children’s learning. Little League Globalization The council commemorated the 21 year relationships with sister city, Saitama, Japan, in recognition of the biannual lit

Neighborhood Associations Apprehensive Towards GRTC Pulse

At a meeting with GRTC officials, neighborhood associations questioned the benefits of the BRT system planned to run from Willow Lawn to Rocketts Landing. Concerns over parking, construction disruption and general neighborhood impact were voiced. Read full Richmond-Times Dispatch article here The following Monday and Tuesday, the GRTC will hold public meetings about the BRT project at the UR Downtown building. For more information on these meetings, visit the GRTC Public Outreach site. In addition, you can access RVAGOV's policy brief on the GRTC Pulse by visiting our "Policy Briefs & Opinions."

Ballpark, Hospital, and Mayor Jones

The fates of both the Richmond Flying Squirrels and a free-standing children's hospital seem to once again be overlapping. Mayor Dwight C. Jones met with representatives of both supporters of a free-standing children's hospital and Flying Squirrels' representatives last week. He expressed his continual support for a children's hospital at N. Boulevard, as well as a prospective location for the baseball team in the nearby counties. For the Flying Squirrels, the meetings suggest that, in spite of a renewed lease in the Diamond to last until 2017, they will eventually have to seek a new location. However, meetings with the mayor suggest a renewed sense of cooperation, which the team felt was ab

Councilwoman Robertson proposes legislation to clarify economic details of city development

Councilwomman Robertson introduced legislation that would require the city administration to provide clarifications on fiscal and economic matters on city economic development projects. The item seems to be both an effort to make city project funding and economic objectives more transparent, as well as expidite access to relevant information to council as they make decision. Read full Times-Dispatch article here.

Mayor Jones expresses continued support for free-standing children's hospital

Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones conveyed to a group of advocates for a children's hospital that he believes, in spite of the VCU and Bon Secour's withdrawal from the project, it can still come to fruition. “I don’t think the announcement is final...People need to keep fighting, and hopefully we’ll have something to tell you in the next few weeks that might be encouraging," said Jones. His statements come in the heels of the July 27 City Council meeting, in which the council is slated to discuss Res. No. 2014-R184. The resolution asks the Chief Administrative Officer provide a request for qualifications for prospective developers in the North Boulevard area where advocates want to build the ch

School Board Meeting Recap - July 13, 2015

Monday's school board meeting included additional discussions on the RPS leveling process, a recognition of a retired RPS teacher, and a budgetary presentation from the city's charter school. The most visibly influential decision, however, dealt with naming the city's newest middle school. After ongoing hesitation, the school board temporarily settled on a name. Highlights Elkhardt-Thompson Middle School Earlier this year the school board decided to transfer the Elkhardt student body to Thompson middle school, and agreed to change a name of the new combined school. The current Thompson building will be over capacity by 2018, necessitating the development of a new building at the old Elkhardt

GRTC proceeds with updates to city bus stop signs

GRTC will use $1.75 million to update the city's 20 year old bus stop signs. Following citizen input, the new signage will display each stop's unique number, which riders can use to look up route information. Approximately 2,000 signs will be updated. Read full Richmond Times-Dispatch article here.

City Council on track to accept funds for Stone Brewing

On Monday, City Council introduced legislation to accept the award from the Governor’s Opportunity Fund for transfer to Stone Brewing Co. In addition, it committed $7.8 million in infrastructure development for the project. For more information about the Council's recent financial involvement with the project, as well as information about the project's development and arrivel, read full Times-Dispatch article here.

Richmond's 2014 annual report remains unsubmitted

Localities in Virginia are required to submit an annual report to the state. Richmond's 2014 report has not been submitted, and will not likely be submitted until September. Before issuing any debt, the city must submit this report. Read full Times-Dispatch article here.

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