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Mayor Plans First School Funding Meeting during Spring Break

Mayor Jones scheduled the first meeting regarding school funding over Richmond Public School's spring break. This has caused problems because along with parents who will be traveling with their family's, members of the school board and school leaders will be out of town as well including Superintendent Dana Bedden. Richmond Public Schools face a huge funding shortage the mayor plans to lay out new funds to help restore the deficit. Read more here

Mayor Jones to Create Committee to Work on School Funding

Mayor Jones has announced that he will work to create a committee that will work on school funding. Richmond Public Schools had requested 18 million dollars for necessary school repairs for next year and will only recieve 5 million. School Board member Kimberly Gray siad the lack of funds is "becoming a civil rights issue" and made reference to the fact that a student was hit with a 5 pound tile while wiating in the lunch line. Read more here

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