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School Board Recap - April 17, 2017

Highlights Monday night’s School Board took place at J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College. The meeting comes in the wake of the Department of Education launching a civil rights probe into Richmond Public Schools on the grounds that the school system has allegedly been suspending students in a discriminatory manner. Due to the sudden change of venue, the entirety of this School Board meeting was not covered by RVAGOV staff. Awards and Recognitions Student Representatives The School Board took the time to recognize their March and April student representatives, Paulette Hall and Geordan Colden. Elijah Johnson Elijah Johnson, a senior at Huguenot High School, who could not be at the previous

City Council Recap-April 10, 2017

Highlights Awards and Recognitions Richmond Public Safety Emergency 911 Telecommunications Week The second full week of April was declared Richmond Public Safety Emergency 911 Telecommunications Week by Mayor Stoney and Council President Hilbert. Mayor Stoney said that “We have one of the best telecommunications in the Commonwealth of Virginia. They’re always there, and they always respond.” President Hilbert commended the knowledge and expertise of the “100 heroes behind the scene” who keep the City of Richmond safe 24/7. Richmond has the second biggest call center in the Commonwealth, and according to Mayor Stoney, it exceeds national standards. Councilwoman Trammel also expressed her than

Discussion on the Education Compact – First District Community Meeting; March 30, 2017: Thomas Jeffe

Dr. Thad Williamson, senior policy advisor for the Mayor, joined School Board Member Liz Doerr and City Councilman Andreas Addison at their 1st District Community Meeting to speak on one of the Mayor’s top five incentives: the RVA Education Compact. Liz Doerr currently serves as a member of the Compact Plan working group. Highlights The Education Compact is a collaborative effort between the City Council, the School Board, the Mayor, and the Chief Administrative Officer to improve the academic outcomes of students and the well-being of families. The goal is to expand the opportunities for success available to Richmond’s students. A Draft of the Compact is currently in progress. It can be vie

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