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City Council Recap-October 9, 2017

Highlights It was a quieter evening in the City Council Chamber Monday evening. There was not a large crowd present. Awards and Recognitions Richmond's Fire Prevention Week Council President Hilbert and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Selena Cuffee-Glenn (on the behalf of the Mayor) declared that every week in which the 9th of October shall fall will be Richmond’s Fire Prevention Week. “Many people say they do not like the government…yet we still rely on it,” President Hilbert quipped. “When your house catches on fire, who do you call? When someone shows up at your home, intending to do you ill-will, who do you call?” He commended the men and women of the Richmond Fire Department for the

School Board Recap - October 2, 2017

Highlights The RPS School Board meeting took place on Monday evening in the crowded 17th Floor School Board room. Ten (10) candidates for the 7th district vacancy were be interviewed for the position, followed by a public hearing on the candidates. It was asked that audience members refrain from using social media to ensure fairness to all candidates. Candidates who were not being interviewed at the moment by the Board were asked to wait to be called upon in the glass overflow room across the hall. Each candidate was given three (3) minutes to give a brief introduction about themselves, three (3) minutes to respond to each question, and two (2) minutes to give any final remarks. Candidate In

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