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City Council Recap-March 26, 2018

Highlights Mr. Dick Harman was honored by the City Council for his 30-year Anniversary as the Council’s host announcer. Mr. Harman has occupied this position since 1988, providing the community with pre-meeting and post-meeting summaries. In addition to his work for the City Council, Mr. Harman has work experience in the areas of advertising, marketing, and broadcasting. The Council as a whole thanked Mr. Harman for being there throughout the years and for being such a valuable asset to the community. Council President Hilbert commended Mr. Harman for his three decades of hard work, stating that “no one has endeavored to inform the City with as much dedication as Mr. Harman.” Councilwoman Gr

School Board Recap - March 19, 2018

Highlights The School Board received a wonderful treat on Monday evening. The talented students of the Green Elementary School Orchestra presented three lovely musical selections for the Board and for the audience assembled. “This is the reason why we do what we do – because of our children,” School Board Chair Dawn Page said as the students were applauded for their excellent performance of Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star, Ode to Joy, and Crippled Cabbage. In addition, Mr. Gonzalez, the Spanish Interpreter for the School Board, was pleased to announce that at the most recent RPS Parent-Teacher Conferences, there were over sixty (60) Spanish interpreters utilized by the families in the community.

City Council Recap-February 26, 2018

Highlights Red Skins Initiative The Council took some time to discuss the Red Skins Initiative, more specifically paying the debt for the Red Skins training facility. The city is responsible for $750,000 of Red Skins building debt, despite having no control over the building itself (the building is owned by the ECA). This debt must be refinanced by September, which is problematic. The City will need to find a way to handle the $8.5 million debt, or otherwise restructure the debt and negotiate an extension. Appointment Katherine Benedict was appointed to the Richmond Slave Trail Commission. Mayor's Poverty Report Mayor Stoney delivered a report on the progress of his poverty reduction program

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