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City Council Recap - November 12, 2019

The meeting began with an invocation offered by Minister Joy Franklin of Truth Ministries, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. The members for consideration of Appointments and Reappointments are approved. Awards and Presentations The meeting began by announcing that the Richmond City Council officially proclaims the week before Thanksgiving as Richmond Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week. The plight of hunger and homelessnes affects everyone, and Richmond luckily includes many dedicated non profits and individuals to provide services for those in need. One of the people being thanked wants to thank the network of providers working to reduce hunger and homelessness, and mentioned that there

School Board Meeting - November 4, 2019

The meeting begins with student representative Alexis, a senior of Thomas Jefferson High School. She is on the Student advisory council at her school. She tells the school board the topics that should be addressed, such as the low quality water fountains, carpets, driveways, and cafeteria meals. She also wants a push for every student to have a plan for all 4 years of high school. In general, she also hopes for better facilities. Then, the school board goes over the Adoption of the agenda. The issue of the Navy Hill project is introduced under New business. A discussion is had on whether the issue should be under Board business or under new business. After a show of hands, an amendment to th

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