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City Council Recap - June 8, 2020

The invocation for this meeting was given by Dr. Sheary Johnson of the Victory Family Worship Center. This city council meeting saw twice as many speakers for the citizen comments period than normal. 18 people requested to speak. The council members agreed to suspend rules to allow all of them a chance to speak, but for two minutes instead of three. Before the citizen comments period, the Board reappointment recommendations were approved. There were also no awards and presentations for this meeting. Citizen Comment The first speaker is Katherine Brown of the 7th district. She joined the Zoom call to speak regarding the legislation about monument removal. She called on the council to do more

School Board Meeting - June 1, 2020

After the electronic meeting announcement and roll call, only seven of the nine board members are present, Linda Owens calls for a moment of silence for the pain the community and the country are currently experiencing. Then the board moves on the adoption of the agenda. Elizabeth Doerr makes a motion to approve the agenda as amended. She seeks to add to section 5 to receive an update to the response of the Richmond Public Schools employee with COVID-19. The agenda with the amendment is adopted and the minutes are approved. Due to the importance of this meeting regarding the new ELA and math curricula there is a surplus of emails during the public information period. Instead of the individua

City Council Recap - May 26, 2020

Unlike other city council meetings that have occurred this year, this one occurs on Zoom. The public is only able to view four screens at a time, most members have their video cameras off when not speaking. The meeting opens with an invocation given by Rabbi Michael E. Knopf of Temple Beth-El. After the Pledge of Allegiance, the meeting moves on to the citizen comments. There are no awards or presentations. Citizen Comments Since this meeting is being held electronically, citizens are encouraged to provide their comments by email. However, if a person wants to make a public comment, they are instructed to call the City Clerk’s Office or send an email with a request no later than 10:00 am the

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