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School Board Meeting - July 14, 2020

The board meeting began with the electronic meeting statement and roll call. Shortly after was the adoption of the agenda. Board member Doerr wanted the school board to adopt the agenda with one amendment, the addition of a discussion regarding the school calendar after action 3.01. The vote on the amended agenda passed. Preceding the public comment period, Linda Owens gave a statement thanking the public for submitting comments. This meeting received over 122 pages of public comments regarding reopening schools. It was made clear that not all comments would be read that night. Each one will be given a minute and the comments would stop all together at the 2-hour mark. Public comments were o

City Council Recap - June 22, 2020

After the invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance, President Newbille called a motion to suspend the rules for the citizen comment period to allow speakers five minutes instead of the regular three minutes. The motion passed. Before the citizen comments, Council Member Lynch asked for clarification regarding the resolution on the affordable housing trust fund. She was assured that paper is continued on the agenda. Citizen Comments The first speaker, Tray Peters, began by invoking the names of Marcus Davis Peters and Jeramy Gilliam, two Black men who were killed by Richmond Police. He spent his five minutes listing out the demands of the Justice and Reformation Movement. They demand the follo

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