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School Board Meeting - October 19, 2020

The meeting begins with a moment of silence for a member of the transportation, who passed away ten days ago due to COVID-19. The public comments continued for about 30 minutes, with parents once again still frustrated with the lengthy schedule, even with the new adjustments. One parent is frustrated with how undergraduate students have shorter days than her children. Other comments showed their continued support for superintendent Jason Kamras. They found him to be engaged, calm, approachable, thoughtful, as well as transparent with all that is happening. With public comments over, Milton Parker and LaTonya Hollowell presented their audit on seven schools and their principals and finance of

School Board Meeting - October 5, 2020

The meeting begins with Kamras asking for an adjustment to the calendar in regards to Election Day. While it is an off day for students, he asks for teachers to also have an adjustment to their schedule as well. Public comments continue with teachers and parents being unsatisfied with the current school schedule. On one hand, some teachers and parents continue to ask for changed schedules that are shorter, while other parents find the changes too disruptive for their children, especially when they have ADHD or other circumstances that give them trouble. Teachers also feel incredibly overworked, and wish to have even full days to plan out their classes, as well as having more one-on-one meeti

School Board Meeting - September 21, 2020

As with previous meetings, the school board meeting began with two hours of public comments. A vast majority of the comments mirrored the worries and frustrations of the previous week. With the end of the second week, parents have found their children to have more aggression, sleep disturbance, etc., due to the online learning. A new schedule has been created, although many parents and teachers still feel like their concerns are not being addressed. The normal school day is now 30 minutes earlier, but at the expense of a shorter lunch/recess time. There are also still small groups afterward, and the language arts block is split into the morning and afternoon. This change does little to impro

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