Richmond Mayoral Election

The city of Richmond, Virginia, is holding a nonpartisan general election for mayor on November 3, 2020. If necessary, the general runoff date is tentatively scheduled for December 15, 2020. The filing deadline for this election was June 23, 2020.

According to the city charter, "the person receiving the most votes in each of at least five of the nine city council districts shall be elected mayor." If none of the candidates reach that threshold, then the two persons who receive the most votes in the city would progress to a general runoff election, where the same plurality voting rules apply. In a runoff, if the two candidates win an equal number of council districts, then the person with the highest city-wide vote total shall be elected(Ballotpedia).


Party: Independent

Occupation2nd District Representative on the City Council

Michael Justin Griffin

Party: Independent

Occupation: A small-business attorney

Levar Stoney

Party: Independent


Tracey McLean

Party: Independent

Occupation: A small business owner

Alexsis E Rodgers

Party: Independent

Occupation: An officer

to the local Democratic


Michael Gilbert

Party: Independent

Occupation: Adjunct Professor at VCU

George E Banks

Party: Independent

E Pauron Wheeler

Party: Independent