Hardywood contests back taxes

The city might hand over Hardywood brewery's unpaid meals taxes to a collections firm, reports Style Weekly.

Just recently, the city granted CenterStage $1.75 million to pay unexpected real estate taxes, but officials have proven much more strict in collecting similar back taxes from Hardywood Park Craft Brewery. Like CenterStage, Hardywood did not expect to owe taxes, since City Council only began requiring a meals tax on beer in September, at which point Hardywood complied to pay those taxes. Nevertheless, the city expects Hardywood to pay meals taxes from before September.

In an interview with Times-Dispatch, Hardywood's co-founder, Erin McKay, said, "We aren’t trying to ask for forgiveness from a tax bill, we feel we don’t owe this tax because we were told we didn’t need to pay it and we never collected it from customers.”

Read more at Style Weekly and Times Dispatch

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