City Council Meeting- January 12, 2014

City Council Meeting

For its first full meeting of 2015, Richmond City Council is finally set to consider several ordinances related to donations to the city from various companies and nonprofits, transparency in city payments and the city bike fair. However, this meeting was overshadowed by a group of protests against the city agenda and black lives matter campaign.

Notable Resolutions passed by consent:

Res. No. 2014-R260 – A request by the city to the Virginia Department of Transportation to program the Richmond City Bike Exchange.

Ord. No. 2014-255 and Ord. No. 2014-256 – A request that the City of Richmond accept almost $600,000 from two different donations from Curbside Value Partnership to enhance the city’s residential recycling system. This will revamp the recyling program from a bin to can program.

Ord. No. 2014-251 – A request that the city accept $85,000 from Exxon Mobile to install eight solar powered LED lights

Ord. No. 2014-257 – A request to require all of the city payments to be available online

The Protests:

The protesters threatened to protest the upcoming international bike race if their demands are not met. These demands range from better police oversight, more funding for schools and transporation, better care for the homeless, prison reform and respect for black lives. The Times Dispatch descried the people as a mix of both the group that protested over the Shockoe Stadium due to black histoy concerns and the nation wide 'Black Lives Matter' campaign.


Recycling - $600,000 to revamp the city program

Protests - these guys essentially stole the show from right under everyone's feet and proved that the ant-stadium coalition will stay active in Richmond on issues beside the staduim.

Transparency - a new resolution passed that gives the city till July 1 to see all city payements online

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