City Council Meeting - February 2, 2015

Occasionally, Richmond City Council holds meetings outside of its normal schedule to vote on items that they feel can't wait until the next meeting. Tonight, it met to vote on amendments to two items from last week's meeting.

Read the official meeting summary, and check out what happened below.

Ord. No. 2015-1 - Naming Richmond streets to honor former City Council members

This ordinance gives honorary names to the five African-American members of the first black-majority Richmond City Council in 1977. This ordinance was delayed from the January 26 meeting over concerns that the previous version of the ordinance set a precedent for only giving street naming honors to African-Americans. The amendments made clear that this is a one-time honor for Black History Month, not the creation of a recurring program, as well as changing several of the street sections. Council will vote on the final version of this ordinance on February 9.

Ord. No. 2014-254 - Amending the Stone Brewing Company deal

The majority of the meeting was dominated by contention over City Council's oversight role on the Stone Brewery Cooperation Agreement.

As part of the deal brokered by Mayor Dwight Jones and Governor Terry McAuliffe to lure the San Diego-based Stone Brewing Company here, the Richmond Economic Development Authority is buying land and constructing the brewery facilities, which will then be leased to the company.

At issue currently is how should City Council regulate the EDA's role in this agreement as a landlord to the brewery, and how much freedom the EDA would need with the funds the City is providing to be able to properly purchase the land and construct the brewery.

Council went into closed session for more than an hour to discuss the details of this contract with City Attorney Allen Jackson, before coming to clash on whether the amendment should be delayed until the February 9 meeting. Jackson said that he had drafted an amendment that would better provide the freedom for the EDA, but he would not have it ready until the next meeting. On a 5-4 vote after several attempts, Council finally agreed to consider the matter again next Monday.

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