City Council Recap - 2/9/2015

In the meeting of February, the city council dealt with some business relating to bike lanes, the stadium and juvenile justice.

The Bike Lanes - Ord. No. 2015-6-31

The city council approved the acceptance of $240,000 from the Virginia Department of Transportation with $60,0000 in matching funds from the city to building cycle tracks on Franklin, Broad, Main and 9th Street.

The Stadium - Res. No. 2014-R181-2015-14

The city council after amending the original language proceed to pass a resolution that called for Mayor Jones to seek out regional help from Henrico, Hannover and Chesterfield County in help to develop a new minor league baseball stadium. To find out what the counties think here.

Juvenile Justice - Ord. No. 2014-258-2015-25

The city council agreed to accept $50,000 from the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice to help with reentry placement and services.


The city council postponed a vote on the Stone Brewery and on the animal cruelty resolution till the 23rd meeting. They did not give a reason for the postponement

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