City Council Meeting Recap - 2/25/2015

For its second meeting of February the City Council considered issues dealing mostly with transparency and passed suprising little.

Major Resolutions and Ordiances passed:

Ord. No. 2015-28-44 - to accept $600,000 from the state that will be given to The Black History Museum and Culture Center of Virginia

Res. No. 2015-R8-15 - to requires all new city buildings to become "green" and to recomend that all new buildings in Richmond become "green" certified.

Bills debated but not voted upon:

Ord. No. 2014-254 - The Stone Brewary bill was strongly debated by both members of the council and citizens of Richmond. Richmond citizens expressed views in both favor of the ordiance based upon economic development and rejutilizing neighborhoods while others opposed it due to the types of jobs created and the secrecy behind the contract. Members of council also opposed it based upon the secrecy of the contract. It will be reconsidered at a special session on March 2nd. Read more about it here

Res. No. 2015-R4 - This resoultion dealt with taking funds away from the Shockoe Historical Center and instead sending them to the schools. The bill was hotly debated between Councilman Samuels and members of the mayor's staff. You can read more about that here. This was also pushed to a later date

Legisation Postponed without Debate:

Res. No. 2014-R264 – a plan proposed by the mayor to refill Richmond Public School’s maintenance and facilities budget if it falls below $2,000,000

Ord. No. 2015-33 – a resolution that would change to the name of the ‘new’ city hall to the “L. Douglas Wilder City Hall”

Ord. No. 2015-33 – a proposal to move the city’s wastewater plant

Ord. No. 2014-199 – to amend the animal cruelty law to include the outlaw of certain tools in the treatment of elephants

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