Mayor Jones Announces New Budget

This past week, Mayor Jones announced his new budget plan for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. The budget includes raises for police officers, fire fighters and city employees. It includes funding for body cameras for police, rapid transit down Broad Street, improving public saftey radios, and increased access to the riverfront around the Stone Brewary. There are also $210.5 million dollars set aside for infrusture improvements. These parts of the budget are widely liked by members of the city council.

The most controversial part of the budget deals with funding for the public schools. Despite the School Board asking for an additional $25 million for their opperating budget, the Mayor has chosen to keep their budget nearly the same. Some increases, including money for school repairs and the opening of a new elementary school, have been included in the budget. This is a far cry from what they were asking for.

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