City Council Preview -2/23/2015

For the second meeting of April the City Council will be discussing a range of issues from transparency, to tax emexmptions and the new wastewater treatment site.

The Consent Agenda

Ord. No. 2015-39 - to accept $5,000 from the state to go to providing a grant to the Cadence Theatre Company.

Ord. No. 2015-44 - to accept about $198,000 from the state to go the Sheriff's budget.

The Regular Agenda

Ord. No. 2015-32 - to relocate the city's wastewater treatment center

Ord. No. 2015-40 - concerning exemptions from admission taxes, for the purpose of exempting from admission taxes certain house and garden tours that benefit

nonprofit organizations

Res. No. 2014-R184 - to request that a development company be selected for the Boulevard Site

Res. No. 2015-R9 - To request the Chief Administrative Officer to

provide the Council and the City Planning Commission with written notification of building permit applications completed for properties identified for acquisition in the City’s Master Plan, within seven working days after any such applications are completed.

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