City Council Meeting Recap - 3/25/2015

The second City Council meeting of the month was characterized over the debate of Boulevard Development and the moving of a sewage pipe.

Notable Resolution and Ordinances

Voted on:

Ord. No. 2015-32 – This ordinance dealt with moving a combined sewer overflow pipe (at the developers expense) to allow for development in its current location. This Ordinance passed 8-1 but had a large amount of community opposition due preservation and views. Church Hill community members feared that moving the pipe would destroy their views and that once it was moved, nothing could be built in its new location.

Res. No. 2015-R9 – unanimously voted to pass this resolution that requests the Chief Administrative Officer to provide the Council and the City Planning Commission with written notification of building permit applications completed for properties identified for acquisition in the City’s Master Plan, within seven working days after any such applications are completed.

Votes postponed:

Ord. No. 2015-40 – The City Council refused to vote on this ordinance that would give tax exemptions to garden and house tours that benefit non-profits. The council will reconsider this when they look at the entire budget

Res. No. 2014-R184 – The city Council again postponed work on developing the Boulevard. This has been on the council's plate for about 6 months now. They keep pushing it off due the possibility of a Children's Hospital selecting the Boulevard as their location. Richmond has already invested a few million into upgrading and clearing out the space.

Read the Times-Dispatch summary here

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