City Council Meeting Recap - June 22, 2015

The second meeting in July proceeded swiftly, with only one citizen comment and three supporters of an item in the Consent agenda speaking. The Council will not meet again until July 27th, at which point it will address recently contentious topics.


Adopted Legislation:

Memorial Park - Ord. No. 2015-132

Three citizens spoke in support of naming the park located at 3244 Woodrow Avenue the “Walter Gaines Memorial Park.” Councilwoman Robertson vocalized her support for the ordinance, stating Gaines, “was just a fabulous person.”

Minimum Wage - Ord. 2015-135

The amended paper increased the minimum wage for city employees to $11.66.

Education Grants - Res. No. 2015-R43-48

The resolution states the City has no objection to the use of any Grant Funds in the recruitment process of new IB principals at Chimborazo Elementary and Thomas Jefferson High School.

Rentals & UCI Road Championships - Res. No. 2015-R42-47

The resolution aims to facilitate the short term rentals prior to the World Road Cycling Championships. It states the intent to amend the City’s zoning ordinance to allow for short-term rentals to be obtained online.

Introduced Legislation:

Early Education Grants - Ord. No. 2015-141

The ordinance would authorize the CAO to accept $300,000 in grant funds (from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation) in order to support early childhood education.

Kanawha Plaza - Ord. No. 2015-142:

The ordinance would authorize the CAO to accept $6,000,000 in gifts from the Enrichmond Foundation for improvements at Kanawha Plaza. It appears that the plaza's remodelling process will proceed as scheduled, before the cycling championships. However, concerns about a lack community imput remain. For more information about the Kanawha Plaza remodelling process, read here.

Flying Squirrel's Lease - Res. No. 2015-R44:

The resolution expresses the City’s desire to extend the Flying Squirrel’s lease at the Diamond throughout 2017. The baseball team has recently expressed its frustrations regarding the brevity of their lease and the conditions at the Diamond.

The council will also address Res. No. 2014-R184, delayed at the June 8th meeting in anticipation of a concrete plan advocates of a children’s hospital on the Boulevard near Scott’s Addition at the July 27th meeting.

Councilman Parker Agelasto was absent from today's meeting.

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