About Our Team: 2016-2017

RVAGOV is website run completely by students from the University of Richmond. This year, there were three students who contributed to keeping the site up and running so that the citizens of Richmond can be well aware of what is going on with our local government leaders. Below is a brief profile about each of our team members.

Alicia Jiggetts

Alicia Jiggetts is a member of the Class of 2019 at the University of Richmond. Her hometown is Suffolk, Virginia. She is a Criminal Justice and Political Science double major with minors in Law and the Liberal Arts and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. After college, Alicia hopes to pursue a J.D. or an M.P.A. (or both at the same time!). She currently serves as a student coordinator at UR Downtown, and has interned with the Secretary of the Commonwealth's Restoration of Rights Program for three semesters and the Richmond Center for Workforce Innovation for one semester. A fun fact about her is that she enjoys writing fiction stories in her spare time. She began her work with RVAGOV as a freshman who was simply curious about law and was promoted to editor of the site the summer before her sophomore year. "It's important to know what's going on in the community, and how local leaders are working to improve the issues that need to be improved," she says.

Kay Dervishi

Kay Dervishi is a member of the Class of 2019 at the University of Richmond. Her hometown is Eastchester, New York. Kay is a Political Science and Journalism double major. After graduating, she hopes to pursue a career in journalism or political research. She worked at Youth Life this year, in addition to working with two of her classmates to help a group of six high school students start on making their own graphic novels. A fun fact about Kay is that she once took took a two day train ride from Chicago to San Francisco! Kay became interested in RVAGOV after researching local politics as part of her job with the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement. She wanted to get a better direct understanding of issues that face Richmonders. Kay says that working RVAGOV is "A chance to actually engage with people beyond our campus and to actually provide them with transparent clear information about local government (which, as an aspiring journalist, is really important to me)."

Rachel Hull

Rachel Hull is a member of the Class of 2019 at the University of Richmond. Her hometown is Stafford, Virginia. Rachel is a History major with minors in Biology and Business. She has volunteered at both Youth Life and Overby- Sheppard Elementary School, and is serving as an Urban Education Fellow this summer. After graduating from the University, Rachel would would love to move around, potentially doing environmental conservation or Peace Corps. Eventually, she wants to go to law school, specializing in International Law. A fun fact about Rachel is that she plans to study abroad in Europe sometime next year. Rachel says that working with RVAGOV has furthered her knowledge on the relationship between local government and the current issues in the Richmond public school system. "I love volunteering with inner-city students," she says. "Visiting the School Board has given me the opportunity to gain in depth knowledge on how people try to catalyze change through their local government and how effective local government is at responding."

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