City Council Recap - September 23, 2019


Despite the formal meeting starting at 6:00 pm, the Council members were still finishing up their informal meeting. With the end of the informal meeting at 6:15 pm, the formal meeting started at 6:20 pm, after a brief 5 minute recess.

Of the citizen speakers, the first to speak was Louise Lockett Gordon. She discovered the Richmond 300, a plan and vision to improve the city. There will be meeting hosted in October to learn more about the draft and vision. She also shared the website:

Myasia Goode came up to speak, reflecting on how the neighborhoods around her are food deserts. As such, she wished to establish a community garden at Lone Street and Harwood Street, in which all residents, and even children, can help maintain. She asked for possible donations, such as seedlings and pots.

Nancy Mitchell spoke on the entertainment industry, and with VCU being named the number one public arts school in the nation, how the city should promote the arts in the city much more, to possibly make it akin to the other cultural southern cities like Austin, Memphis, etc.

Brian Peyton discussed an issue of public safety, as there is extremely high traffic on Maury Street.

Vilma Seymour, who works for the Richmond Region Legion of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC Council), spoke of the initiative for the Awareness Pa'lante Technology Center at the Southside Community Center location. She mentioned how Richmond Public Schools have low graduation rates and high drop out rates for Latinos, so she wants this center to offer At prep, computer literacy, and other tools to help students, as well as get the parents engaged.

There were no comments on the Consent Agenda and no Regular Agenda items.

When deciding on allowing Lenora Reid to be the acting Chief Administrative Officer, a representative of the Mayor came up to speak with the council members. Councilwoman Tremmel asked the representative on where the mayor is, to which he responded on the Mayor’s busy schedule and his inability to attend.

In response, as the representative went to leave, Councilman Tremmel stated “You’re not the mayor, but thank you,” to the quiet surprise of everyone seated down.

With that, the city council meeting ended. With the meeting starting up later, this meeting was a brief one, only lasting for about an hour.

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