School Board Meeting - October 5, 2020

The meeting begins with Kamras asking for an adjustment to the calendar in regards to Election Day. While it is an off day for students, he asks for teachers to also have an adjustment to their schedule as well.

Public comments continue with teachers and parents being unsatisfied with the current school schedule. On one hand, some teachers and parents continue to ask for changed schedules that are shorter, while other parents find the changes too disruptive for their children, especially when they have ADHD or other circumstances that give them trouble.

Teachers also feel incredibly overworked, and wish to have even full days to plan out their classes, as well as having more one-on-one meetings with students.

Parents also want the schools to work with grocery stores for better lunches for their kids, and to also stop rezoning.

Students are also frustrated with the schedules, with some wishing they had more time with their parents, and others complaining about the blurred vision and headaches they receive form the remote learning.

At the end of the comments, Tracy Epp introduced the new schedule that is proposed, and school board members voiced their questions and concerns.

She first showed the new schedule for elementary school, startin with Kindergarten to 2nd grade. The day ends at 1:30 pm. Lunch remains shortened at 30 minutes instead of one hour. Recess has been removed. Small groups have been moved from afternoon time to morning time. There is also and option FLOAT (Flexibile Learning and Assistance Time) from 1:45-2:30, where other support staff can meet with kids.

For grades 3 - 5, the school day has to end at 2 pm because of the extra ELA and math requirements. Besides that, the schedule remains the same as K- 2.

Elizabeth Doer asked about the subjects of spanish, art, and pe, as she wonders if they have been either reduced or completely removed. Epp explained that the 30 minute “Encore” period rotates between these different subjects for students everyday.

She also asked about why lunch remains shortened at 30 minutes, instead of an hour.

In terms of why lunch is not longer and recess is removed, Epp emphasized that while she deeply values the time for kids to run, relax ,etc., it was decided to remove these times so that the overall school day can be shorter. After all, there has to be 990 hours of school during an academic year, and no more changes can be made to keep to that minimum, while also ending the day fairly early.

Barlow focused on the teacher planning time that’s allotted for 2:30 - 4:00 pm. Noticing that it also says “staff meetings” in that space, Barlow asserted to Epp to ensure that teachers aren’t overwhelmed with excessive staff meetings, as they are currently working “ungodly hours.”

Epp went on to explain the new middle school schedule. The day ends at 3:30 pm. All periods are blended instruction, meaning that teachers have full autonomy in deciding the balance between synchronous and asynchronous work .Day A or B, last period going over assignments of separate class.

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