School Board Meeting - September 21, 2020

As with previous meetings, the school board meeting began with two hours of public comments.

A vast majority of the comments mirrored the worries and frustrations of the previous week.

With the end of the second week, parents have found their children to have more aggression, sleep disturbance, etc., due to the online learning.

A new schedule has been created, although many parents and teachers still feel like their concerns are not being addressed. The normal school day is now 30 minutes earlier, but at the expense of a shorter lunch/recess time. There are also still small groups afterward, and the language arts block is split into the morning and afternoon. This change does little to improve the circumstances, and if anything, makes it worse for students.

However, the Wednesday schedule is an improvement, in that it allows time for students to do their work independently, from 12 - 4:30 pm. As such, many parents and teachers would prefer this schedule for all days of the week.

Teachers are especially concerned about the length of the school day. There is only a small amount of time for teaching planning. They are working harder than ever before, as they have an extra 2 hours of screen time after class for preparation. Teachers are getting more headaches and backaches.

Linda Owen thanked everyone for the comments, but stated that unfortunately the changes being asked for cannot be on the agenda today.

Harry Hughes introduced the new 2020-2021 Student Code of Responsible Ethics, which was worked to be more inclusive and less punitive. The new Code was ultimately approved by the board.

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